HomeAdvisor Reviews; Is it worth it?

Whether you’re a Property Manager or a Home Renovator, HomeAdvisor Pro can help you generate leads and make your business well-established.

However, when reading HomeAdvisor reviews, people might call this app a complete scam, while others explain how HomeAdvisor Pro has helped them generate hundreds of leads.

So, what’s the true side here? Is HomeAdvisor a rip-off, or can it be the turning point of your business?

Well, the application has received more than a thousand negative reviews, which might make it look suspicious. In contrast, there are thousands of positive reviews as well, which can again make it confusing for professionals whether they should opt for the application.


So, here is a detailed review of HomeAdvisor and a little explanation about the controversies.

Homeadvisor Review: Is It Worth It?

Looking at the 1,900 negative reviews on HomeAdvisor, you might think that the application is a complete scam.

However, after evaluating many online reviews, I’ve noticed that most online reviews aren’t about the methods but failed lead generation methods.

What needs to be understood here is that HomeAdvisor isn’t magic. It won’t automatically generate leads for you but provides a gateway to an audience related to your business. 


Still, this doesn’t justify legitimate online reviews, as you will encounter some fake and dead leads when using HomeAdvisor Pro. To explain better, I will mention the reasons why there are so many negative reviews and controversies related to HomeAdvisor.

Fake Leads

This is the biggest reason why HomeAdvisor has ruined its image. While using the application, you might face many fake/dead leads that have no outcome, and the worst side is that you’re paying hundreds of dollars per lead.

According to a review by Vince on his experience using HomeAdvisor, he states that;

“Truly a waste of time and money. Tried them as Service Magic as a handyman and only landed one job. Tried them again as Home Advisor and landed zero jobs. Their business model is built on non-verified leads and people looking for free information. Over half of the leads I received had bad contact info. Their CS reps are rude and you have to fight for every lead replacement. I have much better results prospecting leads via my local chamber of commerce, BNI, and other networking groups.”



Hundreds of other reviews match the same case, where people are getting redirected to customers who don’t even bother to answer the call when followed up. Plus, a similar case is many homeowners are simply calling to do price checks, resulting in dead leads.

Tricky Marketing Strategies:

Like all the other businesses, HomeAdvisor runs paid ads and has a salesman team. 


However, the issue arises when these salesmen don’t stick to their promises and provide the wrong information.

Again, while doing my research and reading many reviews, I found a very common issue: the wrong marketing tactics and pushing small businesses into purchasing these leads.

An old user of HomeAdvisor Pro shares his experience:


“It is true, HomeAdvisor may work for some, but not all. They will do anything to get clients though. They contacted me repeatedly to join. When I finally decided to give it a shot, a felony from decades ago kept me from being accepted. Don’t fear though, they suggested I put it under someone else’s name which I did and just as easy became a member. The real problem with HomeAdvisor is the significant number of bad leads they send and charge for. Worse is the fact that they won’t credit the leads unless you pay for more. How does that make sense? They explain it as a system algorithm. At the end of the day, it is just like any other service. It is up to the customer to do their due diligence.”


–John Pfeiffer


Moreover, HomeAdvisor has also been involved in a lot of deceptive marketing stuff. Mostly, HA can use your business name logo to make fake profiles and redirect customers to your business by adding their own phone numbers. This means that your business name has a fake online profile, and when that fake profile receives traffic, it contacts HomeAdvisor, and ultimately, HomeAdvisor asks you for payment to provide you the traffic generated by your own name.


And as surprising as it might sound, this is written on the print policy, so make sure to give it a good read before you pay anything.

Pros and Cons of HomeAdvisor:


A strong Online Presence leads to better leads:

Regardless of what people say, HomeAdvisor’s success is attributed to its effective platform and powerful online presence. 

Yes, there are many issues, but in an era where people often turn to the internet to find service providers, HomeAdvisor’s well-designed website allows homeowners to connect with professionals.

Selective Lead Choices:

HomeAdvisor permits professionals to choose the types of leads they want, providing a specific approach to suit their preferences. This customization allows for a more efficient use of resources and a targeted customer base.

Long-term ROI:

The pricing of HA, especially when it comes to purchasing leads, is exceptionally high. For example, you cannot afford to lose $50-$100 2-3 times a week just because a customer wants to check pay scales for a handyman service.

However, it is also possible that many customers obtained through HomeAdvisor can become long-term clients, offering a high ROI over time. 

Beneficial for New Businesses:

HomeAdvisor is particularly useful for new businesses, providing a platform to leverage an established brand, gain trust, and acquire initial clients. 

This is especially valuable for businesses lacking marketing capabilities or investment to reach a broad customer base.

Ease of Management:

HomeAdvisor offers an easy-to-manage platform, allowing service providers to control lead generation according to their preferences. The inclusion of an app facilitates efficient management of customer requests and payments, showcasing the effective use of technology for a seamless user experience.


Surrenders Brand Rights:


As explained earlier, HomeAdvisor takes away a lot of Brand Rights in a legal way where you cannot do anything. When signing HomeAdvisor’s terms of service, business owners give free access to their brand and content, allowing HomeAdvisor to use this information to promote their business.

Quality of Leads:

One of the downsides is the possibility of receiving low-quality or unresponsive leads, which can be frustrating and costly, especially considering HomeAdvisor does not guarantee the quality of leads.

Costs and Additional Fees:

Using HomeAdvisor can add up various fees, including lead fees, subscription charges, enrollment fees, and additional service charges. These costs can accumulate rapidly and impact the overall profitability of a business.

Restricted Usage of Reviews:

HomeAdvisor’s policy of owning reviews obtained through the platform and limiting their usage can be bad for professionals who aim to showcase their positive reviews and a “Bad Image” for many new businesses trying to utilize this app.

So, Should You Use HomeAdvisor for Your Business?

If you’re a new business that doesn’t understand how online marketing works, you should give HomeAdvisor a shot. Even with so many negative reviews, tons of satisfied customers have explained how HomeAdvisor has given a positive flip to their business.


Sean, while sharing his personal experience with Home Advisor, says:

“It’s interesting hearing all the bad reviews with home advisor. I live in Philly PA, and I must say since joining 3 months ago my business really has taken off. Quite honestly most of the business I’m generating from home advisor isn’t even the leads I buy, it’s from people who’ve found me on home advisor. So they are free of charge. I’m guessing a lot of this depends on where you are located. We’ve brought about $1000 worth of leads in 3 months which generated well over 10k in revenue.”


So, at the end of the day, it depends on what phases your business is going through and how much you understand Marketing. If you are experienced in Marketing, spending on paid lead-generation methods should be the last thing on your list.


I hope you found this review helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions;

Does HomeAdvisor Have Fixed Pricing?

HomeAdvisor does not have fixed pricing for its services. The cost associated with using HomeAdvisor varies based on several factors, including your location, the type of service you provide, and the leads you receive. 


Does HomeAdvisor Cost a Membership?



HA Membership involves paying a subscription fee, which allows you to access the platform, receive leads, and benefit from additional features. However, not all service professionals must pay for a membership; some may choose to pay only for individual leads without a subscription. 


How to Register a Complaint for HomeAdvisor?

If you have a complaint or issue with HomeAdvisor’s services, you can register your concerns through:

Contact Customer Support

Phone Support

Online Help Center


Better Business Bureau (BBB)


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