Houzz Pro, is it worth it?

As a professional in the Home Remodelling industry, you must know how Houzz has eased the lives of many service providers and contractors involved in home renovation. Let it be generating leads or gathering images to get a theme idea, Houzz has always provided us with some great solutions.


Similarly, Houzz Pro is an application that helps professionals manage their time and streamline business projects. 

To end your confusion, I have gathered different Houzz Pro Reviews highlighting the pros and cons of the application.

So, without further ado, let’s start discussing everything related to Houzz Pro and whether it can ease your daily routine.

What is Houzz Pro?

Before I jump onto reviews, it is important that you clearly understand what Houzz Pro really is.

Shortly explained, Houzz Pro is a platform designed specifically for home professionals, such as architects, interior designers, contractors, and other professionals in the home remodelling industry. Unlike the previous version, Houzz Pro isn’t dedicated to lead generation, as the application aims to streamline routine processes such as project management, client communication, and invoicing.

However, there is the feature of Online Marketing where you can still generate leads for your business.

Personally, I would not label Houzz Pro as a complete scam as per different online reviews. This is because Houzz Pro isn’t a solely lead generation application. 


These five reviews will help you understand the reason why Houzz Pro is still being discussed.

Houzz Pro Review: Is It Worth It?

Simply put, Houzz Pro is totally worth it if you are looking for an application that can make your routine renovation projects smoother. 

But after reading the online reviews, it’s likely that you’re confused about whether you should opt for Houzz Pro or it’s just a time waste. 

For many people, Houzz Pro may not help you generate the kind of leads you’re looking for since it only works for 20% of contractors.

Here are some features of Houzz Pro that will help you decide why you should opt for the premium service.

Features Of Houzz Pro:

3D Imaging:

Houzz Pro provides 3D imaging capabilities, allowing professionals to create and showcase three-dimensional visualizations of design concepts to clients. This feature enhances the communication of design ideas, providing clients with a realistic preview of their renovation or remodelling projects.

Bid Management:

Houzz Pro also offers bid management tools that enable professionals to efficiently handle project bidding processes. This involves organizing bid requests, collecting and evaluating bids from various suppliers or subcontractors, comparing proposals, and selecting the most suitable options. 


Client Tracking:

Client tracking in Houzz Pro is about maintaining a detailed record of each client, their preferences, communication history, and project details. 

Collaboration Tools:

Houzz Pro offers collaboration tools that facilitate effective teamwork and communication. 

These tools allow professionals, clients, and other parties involved in a project to collaborate in real time, share ideas, provide feedback, and coordinate tasks efficiently. 


Professionals can generate and send invoices to clients directly through Houzz Pro. It offers features to track payments, manage billing cycles, and maintain financial records associated with each project.

Marketing Lead Generation:

Although the platform offers tools for marketing your services, properly utilizing these tools needs some hard work. 

Houzz Pro is like the second Pinterest, where you can manage online reviews and generate leads. Professionals can showcase their work, get client reviews, and improve online visibility to attract more business.

Houzz Pro Pricing Options:


This plan is priced at $65 per month. It’s designed to help you get started with your business and organize the setup.



Business Management: Estimates, Proposals, Invoicing, Online Payments, CRM, Basic Financial Reporting, Client Dashboard, Cost Catalog, Mobile App.

Visualization Tools: Mood Boards.

Marketing Solutions: Email Marketing.

Teams: 1 User.

Support: Customer Support via Email.


This plan costs $99 per month. Currently, it’s the most popular plan, and it helps you stand out, show off your work, and manage every part of your business.


Business Management: All features from the Starter plan plus Advanced Financial Reporting.

Visualization Tools: Mood Boards, 3D Floor Planner.

Marketing Solutions: All features from the Starter plan plus Premium Profile and Website Templates.

Teams: 1 User.

Support: All features from the Starter plan plus Phone Support.


This plan is available for $149 per month. It’s designed to accelerate growth for bigger businesses that need financial reporting and related services.


Business Management: All features from the Essential plan plus Project Schedule, Change Orders, Daily Logs, Time Tracking, Subcontractor Management, Purchase Orders.

Visualization Tools: All features from the Essential plan.

Marketing Solutions: All features from the Essential plan plus Expert Assistance.

Teams: 1 User.

Support: All features from the Essential plan plus Dedicated Onboarding Experts.


This is an all-inclusive package priced at $399 per month. It helps you find more clients with custom advertising programs.


Business Management: All features from the Pro plan.

Visualization Tools: All features from the Pro plan.

Marketing Solutions: All features from the Pro plan plus Preferred Directory Placement, Lead Generation Program, and Targeted Advertising.

Teams: 1 User.

Support: All features from the Pro plan.

So, Should You Purchase Houzz Pro?

The final verdict of purchasing a premium subscription to Houzz depends on you.

If you are a new business, then it’s better to stick with the starter pack. If you’re in the development stages, then Pro pack should be your aim and vice versa.

However, the main centre of confusion is the negative and positive reviews of Houzz Pro. 

Generally, different people have their own preferences and expectations.

Regardless of how good Houzz Pro gets, it will always have the bad sides. 

Another thing that is worth mentioning is the poor customer support of Houzz Pro. Luckily, I haven’t faced any problems from the company until now, but there are hundreds of online reviews that have faced the same problem.

Hope you found the review helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Use Houzz Pro?

Houzz Pro offers many tools for managing your home improvement business effectively. 

Although the choice of using Houzz Pro depends on you, the application is known for providing project management, client communication, and online marketing.


How Do I Cancel the Subscription of Houzz Pro?

To cancel your Houzz Pro subscription, contact Houzz’s customer support and request cancellation. Before making a deal, always read the contractual terms to avoid penalties for early cancellation.

Is Houzz Pro a Rip-off?

Well, depending on the online reviews, Yes and No! 

Houzz can be a complete rip-off if you are treating it as an average lead generation service provider. Regardless of what the online agents tell you, Houzz is a platform that needs understanding before utilization.

If you are trying to go Premium without a proper understanding of what Houzz really is, it might be a rip-off for you.

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