Is Angi Leads Worth It

Angi is a leading home services provider platform in 2023. With millions of monthly users, many businesses question, “Is Angi Leads Worth It”? “Can these leads help me boost my business”?

Well, Angi leads are worth the try, and they can boost your business in many ways.

But! With so many benefits, there are also some drawbacks of Angi that have cost it thousands of complaints and negative reviews on BBB.

That is why I have written a detailed review covering everything about Angi leads and why you should opt for them.


How Does Angi Work For Contractors:

Angi offers a lot of benefits to contractors. It works for contractors by offering three main features that include:

  • Angi Free Listing
  • Angi Paid Leads
  • Angi Advertisements

Free Angi Listing:

The free listing allows contractors to create a free online presence. This listing serves as a digital portfolio, allowing contractors to showcase their services, areas of expertise, certifications, and contact details.

However, compared with other ways, the Free Listing feature won’t help you generate a high number of leads. This is because paid advertisements will always rank above free listings, and since most of the profiles on Angi are advertised, it is very unlikely that a customer will scroll until the bottom.

Angi Leads:

Angi also offers a lead generation service where contractors can purchase leads. These leads are inquiries or service requests submitted by users seeking assistance with specific home-related projects. Contractors receive detailed information about the project requirements and the client’s contact information. 

Compared with the previous method, paid leads are highly successful and have helped many businesses generate leads. However, there have also been complaints of many businesses losing their money off non-serious customers generated from these paid leads.

Angi Ads:

Contractors can ensure they appear on top of the searches by using Angi Ads, a paid advertising feature. Through targeted advertising, contractors can position their services prominently in relevant search results, making them more visible to users seeking specific services in their area. 

A feature worth noticing about Angi Advertisement is that it allows businesses to rank their profile even if they have a bad rating. 

However, it also allows non-deserving businesses to rank themselves, ignoring the negative reviews. 

Is Angi Leads Worth It?

Yes, Angi leads are worth your time and money as long as you are well-informed about the lead-generation process. The platform allows contractors to display their brand to millions of customers through online advertisements.

Even if you don’t want to invest money immediately, Angi allows the contractors a free listing, allowing them to use the platform without any initial investment.

But, if this is the scenario, you must think, why are so many people complaining about Angi? After all, it doesn’t sound like a scam.

The reason many people have submitted their complaints related to Angi is that some have genuine disappointments while others simply couldn’t generate leads.

Reading reviews on BBB and Trustpilot, I have encountered many negative reviews about Angi. To help you understand the reason behind most of these negative reviews, I have categorized them into the following headings.

Reasons Why Many People Disliked Angi

Lack of Professionalism:

In 2020, there were almost 240,000 companies that benefited from the platform in terms of lead generation. If the company were really a scam, then most of these brands would have also ended up with a complaint instead of a success story.

Similarly, many people have submitted complaints about Angi because of a lack of professionalism. While reading reviews, I noticed that many individuals thought of Angi as a magic platform that would automatically generate leads without any hard work. Similarly, many pros blamed Angi for not giving them enough leads (per their expectations), which we will discuss in the next topic.

Fake Promises

Honestly, we cannot blame everything on the business owners here. Angi itself has many flaws; one of those giant flaws is its marketing team.

Numerous online reviews and businesses have claimed that the marketing team of Angi is always involved in making fake promises that result in exaggerated talks.

One of the reviewers also complained that he was promised “Thousands of Leads,” but in return, he hardly got a customer after he purchased the Angi Advertisement plan. 

Similarly, just for the sake of selling more advertisement membership and Lead plans to contractors, the marketing team of Angi has made fake commitments, which are producing negative backlashes on the brand. 

Pushing Advertisement Plans

This tactic by Angi applied just some years ago, has been the biggest reason for most of its negative reviews.

Angi implemented a new policy that allowed contractors that had the premium advertisement plan to be displayed at the top of results even if they didn’t have any positive reviews.

Now, if you’re part of a business with a high number of negative reviews, this can be a blessing, but for businesses that have gathered many positive reviews, this is a complete disappointment.

Moreover, the disappointment isn’t just limited to contractors; many customers have shared their bad experiences of facing scammers and non-professionals because of the “Ad Based Ranking System.”

Bad Lead Generation System

Angi acquired Homeadvisor in 2017; since then, both brands have operated with a similar Lead Aggregator. The process starts with contractors setting a specific budget limit, and then Angi generates paid leads for you depending on the specific budget.

While you may think of this process as a “Great Feature,” your opinion will quickly change when faced with time-wasting customers, and that’s the real problem. During the complaints, many reviewers have stated that Angi doesn’t keep an eye on what kind of customers are being matched with contractors that have bought the “Paid Leads” plan. There are even people who will call you and simply do a price check as the result of a paid lead.


Still, these are rare cases. Paid Leads have worked out for many businesses and helped them secure long-term clients.

4 Things To Avoid When Generating Leads on Angi:


I’ve often seen businesses making these common mistakes, which results in very few or no leads being generated at all. 

Here are four important things to avoid while trying to generate leads on Angi:

Providing Inaccurate Information:

A major mistake in lead generation on Angi is giving wrong or misleading details. Making false claims about your services, experience, or qualifications can seriously damage your credibility and reliability. 

For example, a handyman might claim he has certifications he doesn’t possess, or exaggerating about his experience can result in negative reviews. 

Even if you think you have very little experience, be truthful and open about such details so you can attract customers who will become long-term clients. 

Not Communicating Effectively:

Clear communication is the foundation of successful lead generation on Angi. 

If you are internationally ignoring the messages of your clients and cannot provide them with straightforward answers, this can be a huge drawback. Clients expect quick answers to their questions or requests, and a delay in response can make them consider other contractors. 


However, if there’s a question that needs thinking, just like long-term contracts, you can talk with the client to provide you with ample thinking time.

Making Unrealistic Promises:

Another common reason that many businesses cannot generate leads is because of committing to more than what can be delivered. 

Whether it’s about project timelines, cost estimates, or the services you can provide, it’s necessary to set achievable expectations. Overpromising and then failing to fulfill those promises can lead to dissatisfied customers who are likely to leave negative reviews, damaging your chances of securing future leads.

Ignoring Reviews and Feedback:

Disregarding reviews and feedback from clients can be a costly mistake in lead generation. Since Angi pushes many contractors to opt for the “Advertisement Plan,” customers now rely on positive reviews rather than top search rankings.

That is why it is very important to engage with both positive and negative feedback by appreciating praise and constructively responding to complaints.

Why Angi, Even after The Negative Reviews? Final Verdict.


Reading all those negative aspects of Angi, you might think that Angi is the worst platform to opt for, and that’s where you’re wrong. Compared with many other free and paid home services platforms that can be used for lead generation, Angi is the best among them.

And if you’re thinking, why would I label it as the best platform? It is because of its gigantic traffic. With Angi, you have the chance to get your business viewed by a huge audience. During the past three years (2020-2022), Angi was viewed by almost 30-50M people each year. The company made almost $2 Billion in 2022. 

According to Statista, each year, Angi gets an increase in its revenue, and since Angi makes most of its income through contractors, it’s evident that many businesses are making new success stories. 

If you’re going to opt for a lead generation plan for Angi or get a paid advertisement, I would recommend you try out other marketing strategies first. This is because Angi, regardless of high revenue and traffic, is a home services platform. It has several limitations which may not bring you the expected leads.

In contrast, you can try out blogging, email marketing, canvassing, publishing, or SMM.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Angi Reliable?


Angie’s List is a reliable platform, and you can also check its reliability by reading different reviews from BBB. In the cases of customers, Most have given a 5-star rating to Angi, displaying it as a reliable platform.


Does Angi have drawbacks?

Yes, Angi does have drawbacks. Some users find the membership fee high, and occasionally, contractors might receive unverified leads or face tough competition for projects.


How to Create an Account on Angi?

To create an account on Angi for customers, visit the website and sign up using your email and password. 

As for contractors, fill in the necessary details, provide business information, and follow the mentioned information on the tab to verify and complete your profile.


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