Is Angie’s List Worth It?

Angi, previously known as Angie’s List, is one of the leading home services websites, with almost a million users every month.

The website had almost 32 million home service projects in 2020, and the numbers seem to increase each year, making one think, “Is Angie’s List Worth It,” “Can it be the game changer for my business”?

To your surprise, Angi can be and may not be worth it for your business, depending on many situations.

For example, at BBB, thousands of positive reviews related to Angie’s List explaining how the platform has helped them generate leads. In contrast, many negative reviews demonstrate Angi is a complete scam when it comes to generating leads.

So, let’s wait no longer and jump on to some reasons why you should choose Angi for lead generation.

What is Angie’s List?

So, before I move on to explaining different sides of Angi and a review, let us clarify our concepts about what exactly Angie’s List is.

Simply put, Angie’s List is an online platform that connects with local service professionals across various home-related service categories, including home improvement, repair, maintenance, etc. 

When using Angi, there are several categories, each listing different services that contractors can provide. The best part is that Angi offers free listing for businesses and allows house owners to hire contractors without any membership.

Is Angie’s List Worth It? Review:

Before passing a final review about Angi, I’d like to quote some things.

  • Compared with many other home service platforms, Angi has the most positive reviews in terms of lead generation.
  • In terms of consumers, Angi is the most used home service platform, displaying why it can be the best one to opt for.

With that said, I would consider Angi Homeservices Inc. to be one of the best platforms where you can find reliable contractors to repair your home.

However, when it comes to businesses using the platform to advertise their services, Angi can either fulfill your expected goals or be a huge disappointment. 

Honestly, Angi isn’t a magical platform that will generate automated leads for you once you subscribe to their premium advertisement plan.

Generating leads through the home services platform requires skill and, most of all, extreme patience. Here are some reasons why many businesses have given negative reviews about Angi.

Reasons For Negative Reviews on Angi

Fake Promises

The biggest reason for many negative reviews related to Angi is fake promises

Similar to many previous platforms, Angi has also suffered a loss in its reputation because of inexperienced customer support. Many businesses have claimed that while talking to the representatives of Angi, they were promised hundreds and even thousands of leads within the early months once they got a premium advertisement subscription.

This, in turn, has raised a high level of disappointment in many businesses when these promises turned out to be nothing but a blunder. 

Contractors Based Profit

Another worst thing about Angi is that it makes most of its revenue through regular contractors instead of customers. This has also caused a lot of businesses to leave negative reviews for the platform.

As mentioned before, Angi allows its users to get home services without spending a penny, and there are many drawbacks to that.

Firstly, Angi targets the contractors, and not only do they have a specific commission, but they have also set specific situations where businesses are left with no choice except to opt for the premium advertisement plan. 

For example, if you offer handyman services on Angi, then you can easily list your business on Angi for free. However, the problem arises when many other competitors are getting their business ranked above your profile without increasing any positive reviews.

Even if you get a hundred positive reviews, the paid advertiser can easily rank his profile above yours by paying for the premium advertisement plan.

Similarly, the customers cannot publish reviews on your profile as long as they haven’t purchased the membership. This can again be a disadvantage for businesses since they won’t get more reviews and will need to purchase a premium advertisement plan.

Non Serious Customers

Non-serious customers repeatedly calling to check prices may not be such a huge headache for businesses that are using the “Free Listing” feature.

However, for businesses with the premium advertisement plan and using “Paid Leads,” this can be one of the biggest disappointments.

In essence, there are many reviews on BBB that have explained this situation where customers only call to check out the prices of services. Even more, some customers might get all the necessary details of such services and may not respond, wasting time as well as money.

Reasons For Positive Reviews on Angi:

With all the bad sides, it would be quite unfair to ignore the positive sides of Angi.

Aside from negative reviews, there are thousands of positive reviews that explain how Angi has helped them generate leads. 

Here are some reasons why you should consider Angi for lead generation.

Gigantic Audience:

Without a doubt, it should be admitted that Angi has a massive audience. There are millions of users who use the platform on a daily basis, and with such stats, we cannot state that it won’t help you generate leads.

Some general stats to help you understand why Angi is one of the leading platforms are;

  • Angi bought HomeAdvisor in 2017, having a new name (Angi Homeservices Inc.) and becoming one of the biggest marketplaces to showcase your business.
  • In 2020, Angi Homeservices Inc. generated $1.47 Billion in revenue, with an increase of 10.5% compared with 2019. 
  • In 2020, Angi has been used by over 32 Million customers, requesting projects in more than 500 categories.
  • Aside from HomeAdvisor, Angi Homeservices Inc. also owns Handy, another platform that is used to connect customers with service pros.

Free Listing

I still believe that a Free Listing won’t help you bring a lot of leads from Angi, but regardless of the number of leads being generated, a free listing is always a great idea.

When you list your business on Angi, this helps you understand a lot of things, including how to manage customers, how to respond to clients, and, most importantly, how to generate leads.

Moreover, a free listing also plays a huge role in making your final decision. For example, you might be confused about opting for Angi, but with the free listing, you can easily try it out for 1-2 months and see how things go.

Solid Technology and Recognition

Angi has done a great job utilizing technology and adding the best tools to make payments, finding services, and advertising business easier. 

When opting for a premium advertisement, you aren’t just being displayed at the top of search results but various other search pages and even websites to get you the deserved recognition. 

Trusted Reviews

Although it’s hard to secure reviews on Angi, it matters a lot once you can secure a positive review on your profile. Customers are now preferring profiles with more positive reviews rather than the top ranking.

This is because of the “Premium Plan Priority” from Angi, which has boosted a lot of scammers and non-deserving service providers to be displayed at the top.

What Are The Payment Plans of Angi?

Using Angi, there are a lot of payment plans that can be used by professionals and customers.

Here are the payment plan models that are often focused on pros.

Pay-per-lead model 

Angi operates on a pay-per-lead model where you only pay when you receive a lead from their platform. The cost per lead can vary based on factors such as location and type of service. Angi charges per lead, with prices varying from $15 to $100.

Subscription-based plans

HomeAdvisor, which is part of Angi Homeservices, offers subscription-based plans that include access to their leads marketplace. The basic plan starts at $79 per year, while the Plus plan is $119 per year. 

As for customer memberships, there is only one membership commonly referred to as:

Angi Key membership: 

This costs $29.99 annually and offers a 20% discount on many services, online scheduling, exclusive members-only deals, and coverage under the Happiness Guarantee.

How To Generate Leads on Angi?

Angi is a leading home services platform. However, reading many of their reviews, I have understood that many businesses lacked the basic principles of lead generation.

As mentioned before, generating leads is an art that requires patience. Similarly, in the case of Angi, you will need to understand some points before you list your profile on the platform.

1. Optimize Your Angi Profile

The best way to attract a customer is by pitching them at first sight.

That is why the first step includes creating a profile that displays your expertise, experience, and services offered. Use high-quality images and detailed descriptions to attract clients. 

Plus, it’s also a good idea to highlight why you’re such a great service provider compared with others.

2. Offer Outstanding Services

Deliver exceptional services to your clients sourced through Angi. A happy client is likely to leave a positive review and recommend your services to others. But, you might be thinking that these “Exceptional Services” must always be related to the quality of work, and that’s where many pros end up lacking.

Consider an example where there are two service providers that are doing the same project for the same price.

However, one individual is far ahead in communication, quoting prices, and completing the project on time. Who would you opt for? That’s the answer. 

3. Try your Best to Get Reviews

Positive reviews on Angi can significantly enhance your business reputation and attract more leads. Encourage satisfied clients to leave reviews and ratings. 

Respond professionally to all reviews, whether positive or negative, displaying your commitment to client satisfaction.

However, always understand the difference between asking and forcing for a review. 

For Example, after completing a project, politely request your clients to leave a review on Angi, expressing their experience with your services. Consider offering a small incentive, like a discount on their next service, to motivate them. Don’t just stand there and force them to open up the app or explain why a review is crucial for your survival. That would be highly unprofessional.

4. Respond Professionally to Negative Reviews

Sadly, companies cannot control negative reviews, and for unknown reasons, there are always those unsatisfied customers who have sworn to be unhappy with service providers.

Similarly, even if you get a negative customer review, try your best to ask them about what can be improved in your services. Ask them for reasons, and apologize politely, displaying your professionalism.

5. Offer Competitive Prices

In the present times, homeowners are more likely to opt for contractors that offer reasonable prices and have positive reviews. With such a system, you should do market research to ensure your pricing aligns with industry standards and is to potential clients.

6. Participate in Angi’s Advertising Opportunities

Even the top displaying feature doesn’t matter a lot these days; you should still opt for Angi’s Advertisement Plans. Aside from ranking you at the top in search results, these advertisements display you on many other websites as well as search engines, helping you secure leads.

Wrap Up

So, there you have a detailed review as well as a lead generation guide highlighting everything related to Angi Homeservices Inc.

However, before we wrap up, allow me to share some final words of wisdom. 

Angi is definitely a huge platform that has helped thousands of businesses generate leads. But it still cannot be labeled as the best way to generate leads.

At the end of the day, it was a website that was created to facilitate homeowners and serves the same purpose even today.

If you can develop an understanding of other lead generation methods like Email Marketing, Ads Marketing, or Canvassing, it is better to give them a shot before opting for Angi.

Hope this guide helped you make your final choice about Angi.

Frequently Asked Questions

When did Angi Homeservices Inc. start trading?

Angi HomeServices Inc. started trading on September 28, 2017, marking the beginning of its presence in the stock market and its journey as a publicly traded company in the home services sector.

How much does Andi Homeservices Inc. charge for a premium customer membership?

The premium customer membership for Angi HomeServices Inc. has a monthly fee, which is $29.99. This subscription provides enhanced features and privileges to customers, optimizing their experience on the platform.

What services can be found on Angi Homeservices Inc.?

Angi HomeServices Inc. offers a huge list of services that are often included in categories. Some of their most searched services include; 

Home improvement, repair, maintenance, cleaning, landscaping, remodeling, and plumbing, and the list continues. 

A customer can open the website, go to the categories, and search for specific services that are listed within related categories.

How can Angi help you find a contractor?

Angi streamlines the process of finding a contractor by providing a platform to browse and connect with local service professionals. 

Users can access detailed reviews, view ratings, and request prices for their specific project requirements. Once they have availed their services, Angi also allows the ‘Members” to review these services by providing a rating and helping other customers decide whether it’s a right fit. 

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