This Is Our Proven Process We Use To Rank

The 5 Pillar Method


How are you ranking right now? How about your competitors? What keywords are you ranking for? What keywords should you actually be targeting? Before you can get going with SEO, we have to figure out that point that says “You Are Here.” In the SEO Roadmap, I take a deep dive into your website and online marketing and tell you the good, the bad, and the ugly—And I’ll provide immediate suggestions on how you can improve.


We believe that every page has a chance to the page that drives you a lead. Our first goal is to figure out the best possible keyword for each page. Then we do a detailed analysis against your competitors to discover keyword gaps, these could be service pages, blog posts or other peices of content they’re using to drive traffic that you’re not.


Once we know the keywords we want to rank for we put together a 2 part plan to get you ranking:

1) We update all existing content using proven on page SEO methods

2) We get started on producing new content to fill in those keyword gaps that are driving traffic to your competitors


A poorly running site can’t rank well. We take a detailed dive under the hood and see if there are any issues preventing your site from ranking as well as it could. We look for technical issues with your site could prevent it from ranking as well as it possibly could after implementing our strategies. The goal of the audit is to identify and highlight those issues.


This module is left for last and is dependent on your existing site authority deficit. Perhaps the biggest influencing factor on Site Authority is trustable, high authority, relevant inbound links to your site. Unfortunately, securing these types of links is the most costly and least predictable SEO activity. Implementing this strategy last ensures only the minimum amount of effort is required. This module usually takes the form of link building outreach managed by our in house team of specialists.

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