Pros and Cons of Angie’s List

Homeowners searching for good contractors with reliable services is a struggle that all of us can relate to. On top of that, the leaky sinks, broken decks, and dirty floors make living in such a space unbearable.

However, just some years earlier, Angies List solved this problem by connecting millions of homeowners with related home service providers. 

And since this application has almost 1 Million users every month, as a home service provider, you must think about “What are the Pros and Cons of Angie’s List?”

Generally, Angie’s List has thousands of positive reviews followed by hundreds of negative reviews as well. While some say it has been a total flop in uplifting their business, others claim that Angi has played a vital role in their lead generation process.

To help you make your final choice, let’s waste no time and start discussing everything related to Angie’s List, aka Angi.

What is Angie’s List

While some people mistake Angi for only a home services providing program, many have utilized it and generated thousands of beneficial leads.

Simply put, Angie’s List, now known as Angi, is an online platform that homeowners use to find reliable contractors. It primarily focuses on services such as home improvement, maintenance, and repairs. 

Users usually create new accounts, set specific service-related needs, and browse through huge lists of service providers based on their reviews, ratings, and location.

Pros and Cons of Angie’s List

To help you understand everything about Angie’s List, here is a detailed list of things I liked and things I didn’t like about Angie’s List.

Things I Liked:

Fair Ranking System

The best way to rank a specific company is by checking out its reviews, and that is the case with Angie’s List. If you have great reviews on your Google Business profile, there is a huge chance that Angie’s List will automatically rank you as the top service provider in your field.  

And just in case you were thinking, the rating system is divided into many grades. The A-rating refers to many positive reviews and will definitely take you to the top of the browsing page whenever someone searches for your related services.

In contrast, if the ratings are bad, you will be automatically transferred to the bottom of the page.

Free Basic Listings

I know a lot of businesses that were afraid to try out the premium version, and that’s where Angie’s List outplays every other competitor; they offer a free listing.

You heard it right: if you don’t have enough budget to opt for the premium version or are afraid to invest, Angie’s List allows you to create a free basic listing that highlights your business.

Let’s assume that you couldn’t generate any new leads from Angie’s List; you still got a chance to display your business to millions of new people and check if the platform worked for you.

Verified Reviews

Reviews play a huge role in the lead generation process. Positive reviews vouch for your services, while negative ones will do the opposite. With such a massive platform, bot reviews or fake reviews would definitely be a shame.

However, with Angie’s List, all of the reviews are properly checked and verified. The platform ensures you get a genuine customer rating, maintaining a fair environment.

Things I Didn’t Like:

Just like any other platform in the market, with pros, there are some cons.

Following is a list of things that I didn’t like about Angie’s List.

  • Reviews are limited to Members.

As mentioned before, Angie’s List allows everyone to join their platform for free. However, the issue arises when members who haven’t purchased the premium membership are deprived of leaving any positive or negative reviews.

This can be a huge problem for your business as many leads that are generated through Angie’s List are no longer part of the membership program. Most users can easily surf the website and find a suitable match for home repair services. 

Even if you generate a lead and get a satisfied customer, they cannot leave any reviews on your profile as long as they haven’t purchased the premium membership of Angie’s List.

This can cause problems maintaining your ranking, especially when random service providers with no reviews at all have a fixed spot on top. Oh wait! I’ll explain this in the next point.

  • Pay To Play

Before moving on to why I don’t like this feature at all, we will first discuss how the “pay to be on top” can be a pro and a con. 

For some businesses, the issue of free users not giving them a positive rating has been quite serious. They couldn’t generate any positive reviews even after working with many users, which is why they forcefully had to opt for the Premium Subscription that ranks your business on top even when you don’t have an A rating.

However, even with good businesses using this feature to their benefit, there are many undeserving companies that can easily make their way to the top without any hard work or dedication.

Not only will they make their way to the top, but they will also overshadow many deserving businesses that have gathered hundreds and thousands of positive reviews.

No Control Over Reviews


Unlike other platforms, Angie’s List will provide you with absolutely zero review control. Sadly, there are a lot of toxic customers who are using this platform and will give you a bad rating because of no particular reason at all!

Similarly, many businesses have shared their experiences of facing customers who have given a bad rating for no reason, which negatively affected their profile.

Angie’s List: How It Works?

After Angie’s List was renamed Angi in 2021, the platform has provided several other services assisting homeowners in daily life. Now, homeowners can get painting, building, home organizing, and house cleaning services from the list.

And to make it easy for the homeowners, Angie’s List has also added different categories. For instance, the electrical or minor repairs will be found in the “Interior” category, while deck repairs and home renovation will be found in the “Exterior” Category.

Any other services, if related to the outer lawn, can be found in the “Lawn and Garden” category. If a service is related to pool installation or any sports equipment installation, you can find it in the “More” category.

In contrast, if you are looking for a business that wants to make its mark by generating leads, Angi is still a decent platform to do so. Among all those categories, it’s highly possible that you can find your service-related categories and start offering services online.

Some of the most browsed services on Angie’s List include; 

  • Mattress Cleaning
  • Basement waterproofing
  • Lawn Mover repairing
  • Power Machines Washing
  • Deck Repair
  • House Cleaning
  • Plumbing system repairing 

Angi Homeservices Inc, Review;

From the customer’s end, I would consider Angi to be one of the best home service websites. Not only does it provide several home service contractors, but also makes the “Contractor Finding” process much easier.

For example, if a customer has made a new account, they are displayed with thousands of options to find a suitable contractor according to their set preferences. Then, there are user reviews that will help the customer decide whether it’s right to opt for it or not.

The best part is that customers do not need to be premium users in order to attain the services of several companies. They just need to make a free basic account from the landing page. 

And if you’re thinking about how you can create a personal account on Angi Homeservices Inc., allow me to help. 

  • Open Angi Homeservices Inc,
  • Click on How we can help
  • select your specific preferences
  • It’s all done; you’re good to go.

In contrast, for service providers, I wouldn’t be recommending Angi as the best lead generation platform, and there are many reasons for that.

Firstly, Angie’s List doesn’t charge a lot from its customers. They mainly make their revenue from advertising companies, and that’s how Angi generated almost $1.47 Billion in revenue in 2020.

Also, most of the customers who are availing of your services won’t have a membership; you cannot maintain a 5-star rating in your early years. As an alternative, most businesses might go with the premium plan and get themselves ranked at the top.

Another issue is the non-serious customers. While reading complaints on BBB, you will come across many reviews that have complained about customers calling and simply checking prices. Although this might sound like a “Mere Time Wastage” to an average business, for people who have bought leads, this can be a huge disappointment. 

Finally, a reason to opt for Angi from many other platforms is because of the giant traffic. Regardless of all other cons, the amount of traffic that accesses this platform to access companies is gigantic.

Moreover, they have over a million users every month, which is another great reason to get your brand recognized. 

Before we wrap up, I’ll add a short guide about how you can get your business on Angi Homeservices Inc.

How to Set up A Business Account on Angi Homeservices Inc

To set up a business account with Angi Homeservices Inc., follow the mentioned steps:

Visit Angi Homeservices Website:

Open the Angi Homeservices Inc. website and click the “Business” or “Join Our Network” section.

Create an Account:

Click on the “Join Now” and start the account creation process. Fill in details such as business name, contact information, services offered, service areas, and other relevant business information.

Verification and Screening:

Angi Homeservices Inc. has a verification and screening process to ensure the legitimacy and credibility of the business. This step involves confirming licenses, insurance, and other qualifications.

Provide Business Documentation:

Upload documentation requested during the setup process. It includes licenses, certifications, insurance details, and photos of completed projects.

Account Approval:

Wait for the approval of your business account. The time for approval usually ranges from some days to a month at max.

Setup Profile and Portfolio:

Once approved, log into your account and complete your profile by adding a detailed business description, displaying completed projects, setting service areas, and specifying the types of services your business provides.

Wrap Up

Lead generation is an art that requires patience and, most importantly, skill. 

If you aren’t good at generating leads and converting your customers into clients, there’s a high chance Angi won’t work for you, and blaming the platform would be unjustified.

With almost 32 million home project requests in 2020, we cannot determine that Angi doesn’t work out for anyone. The question that matters;

Will Angi work out for you?

That depends on how long you are willing to remain on Angi, polish, and invest in your profile.

In contrast, if you cannot wait for longer, it is better to try out other lead generation processes before moving on to Angi Homeservices Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Angi help you find a good contractor?

Yes, Angi is designed to help individuals find reliable and reputable contractors for various home improvement, repair, and maintenance projects. 

Angi operates as an online platform that connects users with a network of skilled service professionals based on their project requirements and location.

What are the membership plans for premium business advertisements?

Angi offers a range of membership plans for businesses seeking premium advertisements. These plans come in different tiers, each tailored to offer distinct features and benefits. The specific details of these membership plans, including their respective costs and advantages, can be accessed on Angi’s official website.

Is HomeAdvisor a part of Angi?

Yes, HomeAdvisor is a vital part of Angi Homeservices Inc. It is one of the prominent brands under the Angi umbrella, which includes various platforms aimed at connecting homeowners with reliable service professionals.

What are the membership plans for premium business advertisements?

Angi offers a range of membership plans for businesses seeking premium advertisements. 

Each of these plans has different names, including the “Enhanced,” “Featured,” and “Premium,”. The “Enhanced” plan provides increased visibility, while the “Featured” plan includes enhanced visibility and priority placement. 

The top-tier “Premium” plan offers maximum visibility, priority placement, and additional marketing benefits.


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