SEO Services for Small Business

To survive in our digitally-focused world, most companies require a strong digital presence to increase traffic and find new customers. An active website with multiple web pages is essential. Beyond that, it’s even more necessary that your website is actually showing up in people’s searches online. The trick to getting new eyes on your site is through SEO services.

SEO Services

SEO is an abbreviation for “search engine optimization.” In shortened terms, SEO is an analytical way of approaching the content for your website. 


Think of SEO as a formula. Our SEO team identifies specific phrases and keywords that your potential clients may search online when looking for a new product or service through research. We then boost your editorial content on your website by strategically plugging generic and branded keywords into your web pages. Carefully, our development team helps build or back-edit your web pages, too, to ensure they’re fully optimized.


After completing this digital plan, your website should then organically appear closer to the top of internet searches.


Some of the SEO services for small business SearchPros can tackle to help expand your digital footprint include the following: 

  • Keyword Research– Our team researches your company, industry, competitors, and clients to find the phrases and words your potential customers may search for most frequently online. These keywords combine a network of general searches like “auto repair” with longer keyword searches like “car detailing in Charlotte, North Carolina,” to optimize your web pages
    • Link Building– By coordinating with big-name clients, like Business Insider, we can help your company backlink to their web pages. They work to connect the best of the best businesses and services to people in need, and it can effectively draw traffic to your company.
    • Web DesignIf you don’t have a website built or need assistance with updating your website and adding content, our team can help. We’re experts in HTML, web design, and much more. Our knowledgeable staff will help you build a website that fits your voice, budget, and SEO requirements. 
  • AnalyticsBy effectively tracking the web traffic to your site, we can pinpoint your readers’ clicking habits and monitor how traffic changes with optimization.

Benefits of SEO Services for Small Businesses

SEO is a critical tool for businesses. As we mentioned before, to stay competitive in our digital world, your business has to have a presence online that is genuine, aesthetically appealing, and close to the top of internet searches. 


Our services can help set your company apart from the competition. Choosing to implement search engine optimization in your content comes with several significant benefits. 

Increased Traffic

You could have the most eloquently written content in the country, but it wouldn’t matter if your web page isn’t showing up in internet searches. 

After optimizing your content and sprinkling keywords throughout existing web pages (or creating new pages entirely), your company will start appearing more frequently in searches. We’ll optimize your site to fit several specific internet searches, as well as improve your chances of appearing in more generic searches. 

Think of your web presence in internet searches like a billboard on the side of the road. If your business isn’t on the billboard, drivers wouldn’t know that your company existed in their area. Internet searches are nearly identical. If your company isn’t appearing online in searches, new customers won’t know you can help them. 

After that, it’s a numbers game. The more people are pulled into the website, the higher chance you have of locking in readers with helpful, engaging, and genuine editorial content. A loyal reader may feel inclined to buy an item or book an appointment. Your service or product can then convince that person to become a loyal customer who will keep coming back in the long run.

Budget-Centered Services

We know that, as a small business, you may not have much money in your budget for web development or marketing services. That is why SearchPros focuses on matching our service to your budget and later utilizing our optimization’s success to expand your web development. 

Streamlined Local or National Searches

For example, to start growing your internet presence, we begin by using streamlined local SEO efforts. We research longer keywords to target your local community and surrounding areas. After increasing your company on a local level and adjusting to increased customer traffic, we may encourage you to invest in more in-depth content creation or expanding your SEO to more generic, national searches. 

Web Development and Content Creation

If you decide to utilize our SEO services for small businesses, SearchPros’ team of web design, copywriting, and developing experts will work together to build a website that can hold new customers’ attention. By implementing SEO keywords, your business will attract new readers, and our web team will help develop a user-friendly and engaging website for potential customers. 

As analytics improve, our team may also suggest expanding by creating more web pages. We can help build those pages and write the content to pull more readers through new SEO searches. 

Our team is more than capable of helping you manage your website and boost it to a whole new readership. Your success is our priority— reach out for a quote today.

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